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Leave your contact information and 2 convenient times to get a hold of you.

Webstyr will try and contact you at the desired times that you specify. If unable to make the contact, Webstyr will email you and ask for a convenient time to try again.

Contact Information is exchanged after both party's identities have been established.

You may ask why not use just a regular email address instead of a form? Forms are the best control over spam that there is. By using a form, spam engines are unable to access Webstyr's email address and therefore Webstyr doesn't get overwhelmed with spam. In addition, this allows you to send email even if your own personal server has been blacklisted, which is happening with increasing frequency these days. Even though you don't send spam, if someone else on your ISP sends spam, then that mail server that your ISP uses, gets blacklisted, which affects everyone using that mail server regardless of whether or not they are the ones that sent the spam. By using a form to collect information, the whole spam problem is bypassed.


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