Webstyr is a web design company that develops web sites for individuals and businesses.
The customer is not required to know anything about web design or development.
Webstyr takes care of all the details that go into creating, maintaining or upgrading a web site.

Check out these sample links to view some of the web sites that Webstyr has designed:

Arnies Restaurant - Pacific Northwest Restaurant

Neighborhood Pub & Grill - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Pub and Grill

North City Chiropractic Health Clinic - Chiropractic Health Clinic in Shoreline, Wa

Coho Cafe - Emphasis on Pacific-Northwest Seafood

Teapot Restaurant - Vegetarian Cuisine

Relax and Let Go Massage - Massage Therapy for the Seattle area

The key points that make Webstyr a great web company for you are the following:

Customer satisfaction: Webstyr works closely with you to ensure that you get the design that you want. Working closely together, each step of the way examples of new developments are posted for you to view and offer comments. Webstyr urges you to participate in the design to your full satisfaction.

Browser compatibility: Webstyr tests your web site on a variety of different browsers to ensure that your web site is robust.

Easy and affordable maintenance: Webstyr can set up your web site so that it's easy to maintain using the tools that you're comfortable with. Or, Webstyr can maintain it for you at a low cost.

Your pace: Webstyr goes at your pace, not its own. If you want things done in a hurry, Webstyr can deliver your web site in a month if that's what you want. Or if you like to do things more slowly, we can relax into any time span you want. It's up to you.

Flexibility: Webstyr is capable of producing any design style that you want. If you see it out there, and you want it, Webstyr can create a site for you that will be similar - of course yours will be uniquely yours.

Low Cost: Webstyr analyses each web site proposal and skims the cost down to something which is affordable for its customers. The final cost depends on the complexity of design, the number of pages and any additional design work that the customer wants as the web site develops. There are never any hidden charges. Webstyr draws up a proposal after multiple interviews with the customer. The proposal is reconfigured and tweaked to the customers utmost satisfaction. After the proposal is acceptable to both parties, a contract is drawn up between Webstyr and the customer and the work begins.

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